Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits and uses | CocoNiu

How to CocoNiu

What's in CocoNiu?

CocoNiu is the worlds only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that has been specially formulated for Skin and Hair. Our oil is 100% Organic and Raw and has been cold pressed in a highly sterile environment to ensure all impurities have been removed. You only want the best touching your skin and this is it! First tree to body oil ensures it captures all the minerals of this superfood to make your skin and hair amazing!.

Coconut oil changes consistency depending on the temperature. CocoNiu will go solid below 24 °C (76 °F), be sure to screw off the entire tube cap to dispense solid oil. If completely solid pop it in a glass of warm water.

So how do I use it?

Virgin coconut oil has a million-and-one uses (ok maybe not that many, but there's a lot!)

Here are our top 10 favourite CocoNiu uses #teamcoconiu...

    #1 Moisturise your skin
    Heads...shoulders...knees and toes! Warm up some CocoNiu in your hands and massage into your skin. It's the ultimate moisturiser, don't forget to pop a tube in your bag to take with you! Added bonus - 100ml can be taken on the plane. Never suffer from cabin skin again!
    #2 Makeup remover
    Ever struggled to get eye makeup off...especially mascara? CocoNiu is the solution. Warm up some CocoNiu in your hands and massage into your face, especially those lashes. Leave it on for a few seconds and then wipe off. Add it to your night routine for extra bit of hydration, massage a bit of CocoNiu into your face after your regular night cleansing routine. 
    #3 Hair Conditioner
    For silky, shiny and healthy hair warm up a pea-size amount of CocoNiu in your hands and run through your hair. Remember less is more on this one! For best results use straight after washing your hair.
    #4 Under eye serum
         Massage a bit on your under eyes before bed. Use overnight. Follow normal morning beauty regimen

         #5 Pregnancy
        Use CocoNiu to moisturise baby mama bellies. Warm in you hand and apply all over your belly to help with dryness and itchiness. For best results use twice a day. CocoNiu is also great for breastfeeding mamas. Use on breast and nipples to help with cracking and dryness.

        #6 Baby oil
        Little coconut babies will love CocoNiu. Use to massage their tiny bodies all over. Add to a warm bath for extra moisturising. Great to use on stubborn cradle cap as well!

        #7 Cuts and scrapes
        CocoNiu is full of antibacterial properties. So keep CocoNiu on hand to apply to cuts and scrapes.

        #8 Massage oil
        Set that romantic island mood and use CocoNiu to relax tired bodies. Just warm in your hands and massage the troubles away.

        #9 Body scrub
        DIY your own natural body scrub! Just combine CocoNiu and raw sugar to exfoliate your skin.

        #10 Face mask
        Combine CocoNiu with turmeric (another great superfood) apply to face and neck. Leave on for 15 to 20 mins. Rinse off with warm water, pat dry. Apply a moisturiser.


        Please note if you experience irritation or discomfort whilst using virgin coconut oil you should discontinue use immediately and seek medical assistance if required