CocoNiu Virgin Coconut oil story

Our Story

Bula! I'm Rebecca. I like funny cat videos, mangoes, and everything chocolate! My husband, Adrian and I are both from the tropic isles of Fiji. He likes cars, spongebob and pb&j's! A little baby coconut was added to our family a few months ago, he (also an Adrian...more specifically AJ) likes tumbling, bananas and splashing water. CocoNiu has been in the works for 1 and a half years. Being a new mum I thought it was time to take a leap and get CocoNiu off the ground.
So here it is...we've been using coconut oil since we were little coconut babies. In Fiji our mums would massage the lovely goodness of coconut oil into our little bodies. So we've grown up with a natural love for coconut oil. We wanted to bring you a specially formulated organic virgin coconut oil that you can use on your skin a hair without worrying about the quality of the oil.

2016 is when CocoNiu was born. In case you're wondering how to pronounce her name it's coco-nee-you! Coco is for coconuts and Niu means coconuts in Fijian, making her jammed packed with coconuts. She's full of only the best handpicked coconuts which have been made into virgin coconut oil by cold-pressing in a extremely sterile environment. She hasn't been heated neither has anything been added to her...She's all natural! We use special cold-pressing technology to ensure all the dirt and husk are completely removed. This procedure also ensures that the minerals and vitamins are sealed in so your skin and hair gets the goodness!

Packed in a 100ml tube to ensure there's no cross-contamination from dirty fingers or spoons. Put in in your bag, take it on the go! Get one for your bathroom, one for your bedroom and one for your bag.

Ethically sourced from the beautiful Fiji Islands. Support us and you support local Fijian farmers! We think its really important to know exactly where your beauty product ingredients come from and we are completely transparent about this.

We hope the goodness of CocoNiu will transport you to a beautiful tropical island just like Fiji! 


Vinaka, Rebecca!